"2007 "Bare Pickin'

"2010, "All The Time Is Christmastime"

"2005 "Is This The Way"

"2000, "Bumpy Road"

"Meditative Guitar" (book/CD)

"1987 "No Grand Illusions"

"1977 "He's The One"

Greg Shelley, Historical Synopsis:

Since 1973 Greg Shelley has been both a professional recording and performance artist as well as a guitar instructor.  CD albums & downloads are sold on iTunes, Amazon, and hundreds of sites around the world.  (CD Albums shown to the right)

As a guitar teacher, Greg began at the age of 14, at a local music store.  His skills were quickly noticed and utilized by the local school system and in later years a local college.

By the age of 18 Greg had already accomplished much of what musicians seek to achieve.  That being a successful guitar teacher, recording artist with a nationally known album, and touring the country in medium to large venues.  It gave him a fantastic foundation upon which to build his teaching studio and record label later in life.

He teaches all major styles and genre from Pop to Classical to Rock, Blues, Bluegrass, Travis style, Carter Style and others.  Greg also teaches guitar/vocal for those wanting to both play and sing.

 He has been instrumental in the forming of great musicians both professional and leisure--far too many to cite.  Those who now make their living in music--thanks in part to Greg's teaching may, from time to time, appear on this website.

Greg has traveled and performed extensively in both Christian music settings as well as in secular venues--performing over 200 nights per year for many of those years.  He has worked studio sessions with such greats as the Philadelphia String Quartet, Herb Hamilton Jr. (former White House pianist and music coordinator), Dan Mohler and numerous others of known highest skill.

His albums are shown at the right, dating back to 1977.  They are proof positive of Greg's exceptional guitar and vocal skills--Just listen to them.  His products have been featured or covered by magazines both local and national including local news papers, Billboard, Contemporary Christian Musician and countless literature across the country.

Greg attended The Evergreen State College and holds a B.A. / Liberal Arts.  He has used his guitar as a psychotherapist, minister, entertainer, recording artist and in just about every way imaginable with tremendous success through the years. In recent times he has turned his focus to full time teaching as well as to the ministerial aspects of music.  His record company "No-No-Betta Records" continues to grow and survive, free from the mass marketing of these times. 

 Greg has chosen to live a life close to his wife and sons and to keep his business appropriatley based at home, but still world-class in the quality that is offered.